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This is an example WordPress web site & design template created by J. Alex Lang Productions.

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Simple website using WordPress, which allows the client to manage her own website pages and text. Used WordPress Theme Generator to create color scheme; created custom graphics for web site theme. www.mohanalakshmi.com

What We Do

We bring creative, technical, and management expertise together as a "Swiss Army knife" for your business or project. If you'd like help brainstorming, need help finding resources, or simply need results delivered on time and on budget, then you should contact Alex to see where J. Alex Lang Productions can help.

Based in Western Pennsylvania, we provide practical, down-to-earth advice, analysis, and solutions for small businesses and individuals. You'll never find yourself "in over your head" when working with us. First, we strive to understand the goals of our clients' projects in the context of their current and future business. Next, we work towards our clients' understanding of the technology decisions they're making relevant to their business. Finally, we research, evaluate, and recommend a variety of solutions based on budget, manageability, and reliability.

About Alex

Alex is experienced in hands-on technology, from programming, server administration, and troubleshooting. Additionally, Alex is a seasoned photographer, musician, and media technology specialist. While employed (and schooled) at Carnegie Mellon University over the last decade, Alex expanded valuable communications skills, business analysis, and information technology management.

If you've read this far, you can also learn about Alex's idiosyncratic hobbies over here.